Night at the Fair!

Greetings Internets!

Just got back from a great time at the Panhandle South Plains Fair here in Lubbock. I had a great time hanging out with some of my EE friends/colleagues and also managed to overcome my fears and get on a ride! I’ve been sort of (READ: Very) traumatized ever since I messed up my neck when I was about 12… Couple that with the fact that I can barely handle airplane takeoffs/landings, and well, let’s just say I’m not suited for those types of things!

As it turns out, I handle them pretty well! I rode an attraction that’s essentially a hammer which inverts itself a couple times. Pretty scary stuff when you stop and think that you’ll be hanging upside down for a couple seconds. As it turns out, I survived (although not after shouting a couple *ahem* “words of excitement”)!

Not really a technical post, but well, this is a blog, so I figured I should make the most of it! Expect something having to do with motors tomorrow!


Taken while riding the ferris wheel!