Links and References

Hey everyone! So, sometimes I find some awesome links for my projects and they tend to get lost in my bookmarks folder… So from now on I’m going to post them up on my website for everyone to see (and so I don’t lose them)!

My Wishlist

  1. Beautiful Oscilloscope Tube Clock

Backtrack 5 Updates

  1. How to Update to Backtrack 5 R2
  2. How to start networking on Backtrack 5 R2
  3. How to install Intel i915 video driver on Backtrack 5 R2

HTC Vivid Mods

  1. How to SIM Unlock an HTC Vivid


  1. Bootable RFID Distro


  1. HashTab Adds a “Hash” tab to file properties in Windows.
  2. CircuitLab Web-based schematic tool. Useful for simulations and for making “pretty” schematics.
  3. Web-based gerber viewer. Great for checking designs before having them fabricated!
  4. YouGetSignal An awesome website that helps diagnose network connection problems and open ports!

Circuit Stuff

  1. EagleCAD 3D Rendering courtesy of DangerousPrototypes!
  2. Teardown of an apple charger
  3. Switched capacitor boost circuit made from discreet components
  4. Arduino-based LCD DSLR remote


  1. Open source Theme Hospital!
  2. How to run the original Theme Hospital in DOSBox
  3. FakeFactory Cinematic Mod

Linux and OpenVPN

  1. How to set up and configure OpenVPN on a VPS. Unprivileged user too!
  2. How to forward all IP traffic through an OpenVPN server.
  3. Use ZFS and FreeNAS to set up a poor man’s Drobo.
  4. Add a Google Authenticator to SSH on your VPS!
  5. How to use Screen via SSH.
  6. Install ownCloud on Ubuntu LTS with SSH.

HAM Radio

  1. GMRS (The block of frequencies typically used by crappy wal-mart radios).
  2. WB8WGA‘s Simple Inexpensive TNC.
  3. Learn about SDRs here!
  4. Awesome SDR software for windows, along with a getting started guide.
  5. PIC-Based TNC
  6. Raspi-Based APRS i-Gate
  7. List of TNC Manufacturers
  8. Intro to Packet Radio

Wireless Auditing (Not to be confused with WiFi auditing)

  1. Kisbee – Kismet for Xbee!
  2. Hand-held spectrum analyzer

Hardware Mods

  1. Low-Cost Arduino Ethernet Shield
  2. Low-Cost Mini-Arduino PCB
  3. You think those Arduinos are low cost? Yeah, look here.
  4. Low-Cost Flex Sensors

WiFi Auditing

  1. pyrit – WPA/WPA2 Rainbow Tables Generation
  2. WPA Attacking ,Aircrack-ng WPA Guidelines, c0wpatty, and Generating Rainbow Tables
  3. pwnieexpress – WiFi Auditing for the Raspberry Pi
  4. Hashcat – If you have the hardware, don’t mess with rainbow tables! Use video cards!


  1. p2p-adb

Console Mods

  1. Ultimate NES (A bunch of NES mods on one post)
  2. Reprogrammable NES Cartridges
  3. RetroZone PowerPak (If it was cheaper, I’d buy it)
  4. GD-ROM Emulator

Raspberry Pi

  1. Great set of tutorials for the RasPi running Debian, not Raspbian!

High Voltage Projects

  1. Awesome HV blog by an MIT student
  2. Solid State Tesla Coil (and HV wiki)
  3. HV Tesla Gun

3D Printing and Robotics

  1. Brass inserts for plastics
  2. Great, basic, inexpensive 3D printer

MINI Cooper Mods

  1. Auto Sport Button Mod Comparison