Alignment Spec for Lowered R56 MINI Cooper

Hey everyone! I’ve been running this alignment spec on my MCS with NM springs, Koni Yellow Struts, and a set of TSW rear control arms for over a year now. I’ve tracked the car and put MANY highway miles on it without wrecking my tires.

A couple people requested my alignment specs, so here they are! They should be valid for most cars running aftermarket springs and control arms. Just print out the image, take it to an alignment shop, and have them align to the specs shown. If they can’t align to specs, then go to a different shop! Most¬†performance-oriented shops will allow you to customize your specs.

Keep in mind that whenever you install lowering springs you should also install rear control arms to correct for camber. Failure to do so will cause your tires to develop “cupping” and LOTS of road noise. You’ll also prematurely damage your tires.

NOTE: For cross-camber and SAI, use the values shown in RED since the ranges are based on a car without aftermarket rear control arms.

Hope it helps someone!