2013 Lubbock Off-Season Event

This post was written a while back, but for some reason was never made public on my website… I wanted to make sure that the photos were made available to those who helped out with the event!

The Lubbock Off-Season Regional/Event was a great way for teams with new students to see what a regional is like, without the fuss of building a competition robot in six weeks. The event was very small with only 8 teams in attendance, but we were able to put on quite a show since we had an official field with all the bells and whistles.


Of all the teams that attended the event, I believe that Team 457 (The Grease Monkeys from San Antonio, TX) really had the right idea. Their lead mentor, Mike Henry, decided to travel up to Lubbock to attend the event with only sophomores and juniors instead of their full team roster which includes about a half-dozen seniors. Mike’s idea was to use the event as a training/recruiting tool for students unfamiliar with the program. Some of the other teams in attendance had a similar idea and brought in many new students to watch and participate in the competition.

Overall, I think that the event achieved its goal. I do think that more teams could have benefited from the event, but who knows, maybe next year we can get some more teams to attend? I know the team from Dallas that I work with (Team 3005, The RoboChargers) will definitely be making a trip up to Lubbock to participate!

Take a look at the photo album below, and if you have any questions about the event, feel free to send me an e-mail!