FIRST Robotics 2014 Championship in St. Louis

I recently attended the FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis and wanted to share some of the cool stuff that I saw at the event!

I rode up from Lubbock, TX with Team 1817, the Llano Estacado RoboRaiders and made it just in time to help get teams situated for the event. I wasn’t able to show my support for any one team since I was helping out as a Control System Advisor (CSA) for the event, but I still managed to meet lots of new teams and admire the awesome robots that they built during the 6-week build season.

2014-04-25 17.53.13

Our awesome bus driver, Tony!

As a CSA I’m responsible for helping teams out with any communication or control systems that they may encounter on the field. Since championships has multiple fields, it’s almost impossible to watch each and every team’s performance on the field. We used a system which some of the awesome guys at NI’s ELP division put together called NI Parkway to keep track of it all. Between getting calls from teams from around the globe and spending some time out on the fields, we managed to keep everyone’s robots running smoothly!

I met up with a couple Texas teams I had met in Dallas and Lubbock like, TrixR4Kids, The RoboWranglers, The Robonauts, and of course, The RoboRaiders!

2014-04-23 19.43.13 2014-04-24 20.22.08-1 2014-04-26 10.35.30-2

I also got a chance to check out some teams from across the USA, Mexico, and even Canada!

2014-04-25 09.09.32 2014-04-26 09.39.31 2014-04-26 08.39.54 2014-04-24 17.47.05 2014-04-24 17.30.09-2 2014-04-24 20.24.32-2

I also noticed that everyone had awesome robots and was able to compete on every field with minimal issues! Maybe it had something to do with the awesome CSAs helping out the event?? Who knows..

I do have to say that the best perks of volunteering at the event were getting to walk around and see the fields up close! I even got to check out Einstein before the final matches started!

2014-04-26 08.04.06

Of course, just like other FRC events, the Gracious Professionalism was top-notch!

2014-04-26 08.07.19 2014-04-25 21.49.27 2014-04-25 13.13.23

I’d say that I had a great time, even though I wasn’t helping any specific team compete! Maybe I’ll see you at the competition next year?

2014-04-26 16.18.22

P.S. Look for the guy with the tiara and the orange cap!

2014-04-25 14.58.13