Juan Jose Chong, EIT

2014-04-25 14.58.13

I am currently a Test Development Engineer in the iSensor group at Analog Devices located in Greensboro, NC. I assist in characterizing MEMS-Based Sensors using custom tester solutions and software. I am also responsible for developing new embedded testing and demo applications which the group uses to test new products and introduce customers to our products and their possible applications. These applications include robotics, vehicle guidance, asset tracking, and vibration monitoring.

At my previous position at Texas Instruments I worked as a DLP Product Development Engineer where I contributed to several MEMS R&D and yield projects. I was responsible for driving the qualification of one of DLP’s largest volume display devices and I also worked closely with the DLP MEMS, CMOS, and process teams to help develop a MEMS-based varactor.

IMG_3819In my free time, I enjoy working on power electronics and embedded systems. I am currently developing a control system for a Solid State Tesla Coil and a flight control system based on the open source CC3D project. I am also a mentor on a local FIRST Robotics team (FRC Team 2655 – The Flying Platypi) and volunteer at multiple regional and national robotics events.